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Executive Committee

The management of the Sabah Law Society and its funds is vested in the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of the following members:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Immediate Past President
  4. Secretary
  5. Assistant Secretary
  6. Treasurer
  7. Six (6) Committee Members

All Executive Committee members (except for the Immediate Past President) will be elected at the Annual General Meeting and elected members are eligible for re-election. The requirements to be a member of the Executive Committee is listed below:

  1. An advocate for a period of at least five (5) years
  1. Not a member of the House of Parliament or of the State Legislative Assembly or any local authority
  1. Does not hold office in:
    1. Any trade union
    2. Any political party
    3. Any other organization, body or group of persons, whether or not it is established under any law, whether it is within or outside Sabah, which has objectives or carries on activities which can be construed as being political in nature, character or effect

Executive Committee 2023/2025

Mr. Mohd Nazim Maduarin


Mr. Ryan Soo

Vice President

Datuk Roger Chin

Immediate Past President

Ms. Song Wei Wan


Ms. Marianne Ghani

Assistant Secretary

Mr. Jamadi Saleh


Mr. Alvin Leong Yin Yuan

Mr. Dominic Ghani @ Osmond Matbee Ghani

Mr. Adrian Cham Chee Khong

Ms. Saroja Palaniappan

Ms. Ann Gilong

Ms. Natasha Boyou

Sub Committee

The respective Sub-Committees and their Chairpersons for the term 2023/2025 are listed as follows:

1.  International Relations Sub-Committee
Datuk Roger Chin (Messrs Chin Lau Wong & Foo)

2. Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee
Ms. Saroja A/P Palaniappan (Messrs. S.A. Anand & Partners)

3. Court Practice (Civil), Borneo Advocacy Training Centre Sub-Committee
Mr. Alvin Leong Yin Yuan (Messrs. Leong & Co)

4. Ethics & Professional Etiquette Sub-Committee
Datuk Maureeen Lind (Messrs. Lind & Company)

5. Environment Law Sub-Committee
Ms. Marianne Antoinette Ghani (Messrs. James Ghani & Co)

6. Native Customary Laws, Customs & Culture Sub-Committee
Datuk John Sikayun (Messrs. Luping & Co)

7. Alternative Dispute Resolution Sub-Committee
Mr. Chin Yuen Fong (Messrs. Chee & Co (Lintas))

8. Property Law (Co-Chair) Sub-Committee
Ms. Christina Lim Wan Ying (Messrs. Jayasuriya Kah & Co)
Mr. Dennis Wong Chi Khyam (Messrs. Shelley Yap)

9. Syariah Law (Co-Chair) Sub-Committee
Mr. Marzuki bin Spawi (Messrs. Marzuki Spawi & Co)
Ms. Norlaily Binti Anuar (Messrs. Norlaily & Associates)

10. Human Rights (Co-Chair) Sub-Committee
Mr. Dominic Ghani (Messrs. James Ghani & Co)
Mr. Sherzali Herza Asli (Messrs. Asli & Cham)

11. Law Reform, Review and Amendment Sub-Committee
Datuk Roger Chin (Messrs Chin Lau Wong & Foo)                   

12. Young Advocates Sabah Sub-Committee
Mr. Chong Ken Yung (Messrs. Ng & Co)

13. SLS Task Force on MA63 Sub-Committee
Datuk Roger Chin (Messrs Chin Lau Wong & Foo)

14. SLS Secretariat Administration and Finance Sub-Committee
Mr. Dominic Ghani (Messrs. James Ghani & Co)

15. Tawau Representative Sub-Committee
Ms. Vivian Thien Shin Ying (Messrs. Vivian Thien & Associates (Tawau))

16. Sandakan Representative Sub-Committee
Mr. Cason Chin (Messrs. Cason Chin & Co)

17. Keningau Representative Sub-Committee
Ms. Rosliah Binti Abdul Ramlan (Messrs. Rosliah Ramlan & Co)

18. Lahad Datu/Kunak/Semporna Representative
Mr. Mohd Fadzil Bin Abdul Karim (Messrs. Salin Fadzil & Co)

19. Community Empowerment and Protection Sub-Committee
Ms Annin @ Ann Gilong (Messrs. S.A. Anand & Partners)
Ms. Saroja A/P Palaniappan (Messrs. S.A. Anand & Partners)

20. Criminal Law (Co-Chair) Sub-Committee
Ms. Nabila Binti Norsahar (Messrs. Nabila & Co)
Mr. Shahlan Bin Jufri (Messrs. Shahlan Jufri & Co)

21. Employment Law (including Labour Law) Sub-Committee
Ms. Wong Heu Fun (Messrs Lind Willie Wong & Chin)

22. Mobile Court Sub-Committee
Ms. Annin @ Ann Gilong (Messrs. S.A. Anand & Partners)

23. Islamic Banking Law Sub-Committee
Mr. Jamadi Bin Saleh (Adnan Puteh & Saleh

24. Mediation Centre Sabah (MCS) Sub-Committee
Ms. Chan Wai Ling (Messrs. WL Chan & Associates)

25. Legal Aid Subcommitee
Mr. Mohamed Nazim Bin Maduarin (MN Maduarin & Associates)

26. Events (Co-Chair) Sub-Commitee
Ms. Wendy lee Chok Lan
Ms. Natasha Melissa Boyou

27. Women and Children Working Group Sub-Committee
Datin Mary Florence Gomez A/P N Florence Gomez

28. Sports & Recreation Sub-Committee
Ms. Song Wei Wan

SLS Secretariat

Ms. Velarie Claudius


Ms. Ain Julin

Admin Executive

Ms. Isabelle Yapp

CPD/Events Officer

Ms. Diana Abidin

Account Assistant

Ms. Judy Fong

SADB Admin Assistant

Mr. Azlan Bin Dauglas

YBGK/Chambering Officer