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Right of Practise in Sabah

Right of Practise in Sabah (s. 8)

Subject to section 8 (2) and to section 9, advocates called to the Sabah Bar shall have the exclusive right to practise in Sabah to appear and plead in the Federal Court or the Court of Appeal when sitting in Sabah or when sitting in any other part of Malaysia hearing a cause or matter originating from the High Court or any subordinate court in Sabah and in the High Court and in all courts in Sabah subordinate thereto in which advocates may appear, and as between themselves shall have the same rights and privileges without differentiation;

Provided that the Attorney-General of the Federation and the State Attorney-General shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges as are enjoyed by the Attorney- General in the Courts in England.

Provided further that no advocate, other than the State Attorney-General, who has the rank of Queen’s Counsel shall perform any of the functions which, in England, are performed by a solicitor and are not performed by a barrister; but any advocate who has the rank of Queen’s Counsel shall not be precluded by virtue of anything contained in this Ordinance from continuing or engaging in partnership with another advocate by reason only that such last mentioned advocate performs any functions as aforesaid.