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The Mediation Centre Sabah (MCS) was set up in 2008 by the then Sabah Law Association. Now it is managed by the Sabah Law Society (SLS).  MCS provides mediation services.  Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process.  Currently we have 56 trained and accredited mediators.

Mediation is an alternative process to court proceedings.   The objective of mediation is to assist parties to generate solutions to resolve their problems without having to go through the court process. Mediators merely facilitate and do not make any decisions for the parties.  The parties will decide for themselves and therefore likely to make a settlement that they can keep. Mediation is therefore cheaper and faster.

In October 2020, the Malaysia Government has set up a Pusat Mediasi Covid-19 (PMC-19) to help Malaysians facing contractual disputes caused by the implementation of Movement Control Order.  The cost of mediation for these contractual disputes such as breach of contract or non-performance are subsidized by the government.  SLS has been appointed by PMC-19 to provide the mediation services in Sabah through MCS.

For more information on Mediation Services Sabah (MCS), please call or email to:

  088-232662 11-2687511
  [email protected]