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Specific Powers of Sabah Law Society

  1. To fill casual vacancies of the Executive Committee and to appoint sub-committees 
  1. To make rules for giving effect to the objects of the Law Society and provide for all matters not expressly reserved to the Law Society in general meeting whether the same be expressed in its powers or not 
  1. To answer affecting the practise and etiquette of the profession and conduct of members
  1. To take cognizance of anything affecting the Law Society or the professional conduct of its members and to bring before any general meeting of the Law Society any matter which it considers material to the Law Society or to the interests of the profession and to make any recommendations and to take any action as it considers fit in relation to the recommendations
  1. To examine and if it considers fit to report upon current or proposed legislation and any other legal matters
  1. To represent members of the Law Society or any section of the Law Society or any particular member in any matter which may be necessary or expedient
  1. To award prizes and scholarships for students of law and to lay down the conditions for their award (with the prior approval in Annual General Meeting)
  1. To appoint officers, clerks, agents and servants for permanent, temporary or special services as it may from time to time consider fair and reasonable and toe determine their duties and terms of service
  1. To purchase, rent or otherwise acquire and furnish suitable premises for the use of the Law Society
  1. To communicate from time to time with other similar bodies and with members of the profession in other places for the purposes of obtain and communicating information on all matters likely to be beneficial or of interest to members
  1. To institute, conduct, defend, compound or abandon any legal proceedings by and against the Law Society or its officers or otherwise concerning the affairs of the Law Society and to compound and allow time for payment of satisfaction of any debts due or of any claims or demands made by or against the Law Society
  1. To invest and deal with any money of the Law Society from time to time in securities authorised for investment of trust funds by any written law
  1. From time to time to borrow or raise money by bank overdraft or otherwise by the issue of debentures or any other securities founded or based upon all or any of the property and rights of the Law Society or without any such security and upon such terms as to priority or otherwise as the Executive Committee shall consider fit
  1. To exercise all such powers, privileges and discretions as are not by this Ordinance expressly and exclusively required to be exercised by the members of the Law Society in a General Meeting.